Google APIs Client Library

ID: google-api-client-plugin

This plugin provides the Google APIs Client Library for Java to other plugins. It provides no user-visible features.

Note: this plugin may conflict with other plugins which include the Google APIs Client Library for Java directly. The author hopes such plugins depends on this one so that the Library can be shared by many plugins.

Project information

Regardless of the Source Code link above, the source code repository of this plugin will be at If you are interested in what will be implemented in future versions, please sign up for a free Bitbucket account (if you have not yet) and watch the repository for notifications.


This program is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, as the Google APIs Client Library for Java is.

ArchivesGet past versions
Version: 2.0-1.20.0
Requires Jenkins 1.532
Installs: 169
Kaz Nishimura
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