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This plugin publishes checks to GitHub through GitHub Checks API. It implements the extension points defined in Checks API Plugin.

This plugin has been installed, along with the General API Plugin on to help maintain over 1500 Jenkins plugins. You can take a look at the action for this repository or other plugin repositories under Jenkins organization for the results.

Getting started

Only GitHub Apps with proper permissions can publish checks, this guide helps you authenticate your Jenkins instance as a GitHub App. The permission read/write on Checks needs to be granted in addition to the ones already mentioned in the guide.


Build Status Check

GitHub Status

This plugin implements the status checks feature from Checks API Plugin to publish statuses (pending, in progress, and completed) to GitHub.

You can customize it by configuring the "Status Checks Properties" behavior for your GitHub SCM Source or Git SCM projects:

Status Checks Properties

Note: If you are using GitHub Branch Source Plugin, it will also send status notifications to GitHub through Status API. You can disable those notifications by configuring Skip GitHub Branch Source notifications option.

Rerun Failed Build

Failed Checks

If your Jenkins build failed, a failed check will be published here. A "Re-run" button will be added automatically by GitHub, by clicking it, you can schedule a new build for the last commit of this branch.


Checks Config

  • Verbose Console Log : check for verbose build console log, the default is false


Refer to our contribution guidelines


This plugin was started as a Google Summer of Code 2020 project, special thanks to the support from Jenkins GSoC SIG and the entire community.


Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE