GitHub API

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This jenkins plugin packages the stock github-api library. Normally library should be backward-compatible.


This plugin is a library plugin used by other GitHub related plugins to share the same libraries. This plugin does not have any user visible feature by itself. There’s no need to install this plugin manually, although you want to keep it up to date.

Note to plugin developers

If you are developing a plugin that depends on github-api, it’s is highly recommended that you depend on this plugin as opposed to bundle the jar locally. Doing so (as opposed to depending on org.kohsuke:github-api as a jar), we can eliminate the classloader problems caused by having multiple copies of github-api loaded. Specifically, if plugin A and B both locally includes its own copy of the github-api.jar and another plugin C depends on A and B, it’ll break.


The version number of this plugin tracks the version number of github-api.jar.

Reporting issues

If you have any issues related to library please fill in GH Issues.