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This plugin allows any Jenkins multi-branch pipeline to be seamlessly integrated with Gerrit Code Review for branches and changes validation.

Why yet another plugin?

I wanted to use the Gerrit CI validation workflow with potentially any project, including Gerrit plugins or anybody else wanting to adopt it. I could just "copy & paste" our Groovy workflow, however, that does not seem a sensible and long-term approach. I wanted to have "something more" than a pure triggering mechanism: I wanted to extend the power of Jenkisfile with the Gerrit review workflow verbs.

What about the Gerrit Trigger Plugin?

The new plugin is not going to replace the current Gerrit Trigger Plugin, but would rather represent an alternative to simpler scenarios when you just require a standard Jenkinsfile Gerrit validation workflow. For all the current users of the Gerrit Trigger Plugin things wouldn't change, unless they need a more Jenkisfile-integrated experience.

Why not?

Why should I write yet another Gerrit/Jenkins plugin? Isn't Gerrit Trigger Plugin ( enough? We couldn't use it against because stream events are just not accessible.

There are unresolved issues about:

  • Stability stream-events are based on SSH, which isn't scalable or reliable against downtime, doesn't allow smart Git routing
  • Complex configuration requires a node-level and project-level configuration, which is orthogonal to the Jenkinsfile pipeline
  • Integration using it inside a Jenkinsfile isn't that straightforward and multi-branch projects aren't supported either

Why a new name?

The new name "Gerrit Code Review Plugin" indicates Gerrit as the first-class citizen of the Jenkins ecosystem, and not just as an "extra triggering or validation" logic of a Jenkins job.

Jenkinsfile / Scripted pipeline example, with Gerrit Code Review integration:

node {
  checkout scm
  try {
    gerritReview labels: [Verified: 0]
    stage('Hello') {
      echo 'Hello World'
      gerritComment path:'path/to/file', line: 10, message: 'invalid syntax'
    gerritReview labels: [Verified: 1]
    gerritCheck checks: ['example:checker': 'SUCCESSFUL']
  } catch (e) {
    gerritReview labels: [Verified: -1]
    gerritCheck checks: ['example:checker': 'FAILED']
    throw e

Jenkinsfile / Declarative pipeline example, with Gerrit Code Review integration:

pipeline {
    agent any
    stages {
        stage('Example') {
            steps {
                gerritReview labels: [Verified: 0]
                echo 'Hello World'
                gerritComment path:'path/to/file', line: 10, message: 'invalid syntax'
    post {
        success {
            gerritReview labels: [Verified: 1]
            gerritCheck checks: ['example:checker': 'SUCCESSFUL']
        unstable { gerritReview labels: [Verified: 0], message: 'Build is unstable' }
        failure {
            gerritReview labels: [Verified: -1]
            gerritCheck checks: ['example:checker': 'FAILED'], message: 'invalid syntax'

One key aspect will be: stateless, configuration-less apart the standard SCM configuration settings. That means that multiple Jobs, multiple branches of the same Job, can have their own Gerrit integration defined and working out-of-the-box.

No more people asking "how do I configure the Gerrit integration"? it will just work.

Integrating with the Gerrit Checks plugin

The Gerrit Checks plugin provides a different approach to integrate CI systems with Gerrit. The GerritCodeReview-plugin supports the usage of the checks plugin, making it even more convenient to integrate automated verification into the code review.

To build changes with pending checks, create a new Multibranch Pipeline item and select Branch Source of type Gerrit as described above. Then add the Filter by Pending Checks-behaviour to the Gerrit Branch Source. To select checkers, which should be checked for whether their checks are pending, under Query Operator either select to query pending checks by checker scheme to select a whole group of checkers or by a specific checker UUID, to only query by a specific checker. In the Query String-field enter the scheme name or checker UUID respectively.

Jenkins will then only start builds for changes that have pending checks handled by the configured checkers and will set the status of the check to SCHEDULED.

Plugin Releases

I have presented the first prototype of this new plugin at the Jenkins World Conference in San Francisco back in 2017 inside my "Data-Driven Pipeline workshop." (

The first version was published and available in the Jenkins Plugin Registry since April 2018 and has been used so far by hundreds of developers around the world that provided already very useful feedback and started contributing with pull-requests.

v0.4.4 - Released - 12 June 2020


  • JENKINS-62648 Fix regression in v0.4.3 where changes are no longer detected because of a null query string.

v0.4.3 - Released - 4 June 2020

New features

  • JENKINS-55037 Add an extra query filter for discovering changes (e.g. is:wip or file:componenta/src)
  • JENKINS-62551 Add plugin name and version to the HTTP user agent
  • Bump gerrit-rest-java-client to 0.9.2

v0.4.2 - Released - 2 June 2020


  • JENKINS-62539 Always use API when interacting with changes on Gerrit.

v0.4.1 - Released - 5 January 2020


v0.4.0 - Released - 31 December 2019


The very first integration of the Gerrit Checks plugin with Jenkins is now available, allowing a 1st-class integration of the build validation with the Gerrit UI. Allows also the ability to have the build duration, live status update and quick links in the Gerrit UI to view the logs and re-run the build.

The adoption of the Gerrit checks plugin allows to reduce significantly the pipeline branch scanning by getting the exact list of changes that need verification, instead of fetching all the open changes that may or may not need any verification at all. For large repositories with a lot of changes, that means reducing the branch scanning from minutes to a few seconds.

Because of the huge contribution of the Gerrit checks integration, Thomas Dräbing is nominated the 3rd maintainer of the Gerrit Code Review plugin for Jenkins.

Also, fixes the compatibilities issues with Gerrit v2.14 or earlier releases.

New features

  • Add gerritCheck pipeline step to update check status in Gerrit UI
  • Add support for selecting changes with pending checks
  • Add REST API client for the checks plugin
  • Add GERRIT_CHANGE_URL env variable pointing to the Gerrit change screen URL


  • JENKINS-60364 Downgrade Gerrit API to v0.8.15 for fixing compatibility with Gerrit v2.14 or earlier.

v0.3.7 - Released - 3 December 2019


Significant performance improvment on the branch indexing and checkout of changes. On the validation of Gerrit Code Review CI the branch indexing time was reduced from 40 minutes down to 2 minutes (20x performance improvement).

Also, introduces the ability to reduce the number of refs being fetched by defining a custom query condition.

New features

  • Provide GERRIT_REFNAME environment variable
  • Improve performance by fetching only the individual change ref instead of the full refs/changes/*
  • Avoid fetching patch-sets multiple times when not strictly needed
  • Allow configuration of an extra filter for open changes (default to -age:24w)


v0.3.5 - Released - 24 October 2019


  • JENKINS-59745 Fix exception navigating the SCMs of a workflowJob

v0.3.4 - Released - 10 October 2019

New features

  • 40a5144 Set automatically change details to build environment variables, align with the Gerrit Trigger Plugin variables names
  • JENKINS-54722 Generate the standard change hyperlink to the original Gerrit change that triggered a build


  • e6c56b7 Running web hook as System ACL

v0.3.3 - Released - 8 March 2019


  • JENKINS-5479 Fix exception thrown when trying to parse unhandled events 

  • 7d31723 Allow for remote URLs containing .git when matching webhook project events

  • 4ee2b3f Log user account who posted the webhook

  • 520c932 Fix processing WebHooks POST with unknown body length

v0.3.2 - Released - 3 November 2018


  • JENKINS-54432 Restore normal behaviour when using Gerrit as anonymous SCM source  

v0.3.1 - Released - 29 October 2018


Integration of the support for Gerrit in conjunction with the Gerrit Trigger Plugin and single branch pipelines. Improvements on the support for Gerrit API with the introduction of multiple labels in a single review.


  • Support for multiple labels in a single `gerritReview` step invocation
  • Support for integration with the Gerrit Trigger Plugin
  • Remove the support for deprecated `GerritDSL` style invocation (e.g. `` step)


v0.2.1 - Released - 27 October 2018


Bug-fix release from feedback and contributions of the adopters of the v0.2 release.


  • 3359ba3 - Amendements to the documentation to explain the first-time setup

  • e320d18 - Allow feedback to an open change without changing current score / label

  • fc0bc91 - Restapi: allow the use of remote Gerrit server with non-root prefix

  • JENKINS-54214 - Avoid NPE when credentials are not provided

  • JENKINS-54212 - Fix detection of project name with refupdate

v0.2 - Released - 23 October 2018


Many bug fixes thanks to the initial adoption in real life use-cases. Improvement of the compliance of the plugin with the rest of the ecosystem of Jenkinsfile steps.

One major addition is the support for Jenkins Declarative Pipelines and the deprecation of the old DSL-based integration, which was not compatible with the way plugins should be written and integrated with the rest of the CPS scripts and pipelines.


  • JENKINS-54070 - Support for Jenkinsfile declarative pipelines
  • JENKINS-50783 - Support for file-based comments from Jenkinsfile steps


  • JENKINS-49695 - Could not fetch branches from source while using Discover open changes
  • JENKINS-50930 - Multibranch fails if gerrit lives at a subdirectory
  • JENKINS-49983 - NullPointerException from gerrit plugin due to lack of configuration
  • JENKINS-49985 - hudson.remoting.ProxyException: org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException
  • JENKINS-49713 - gerrit-plugin exposes change-requests as normal branches instead of pull-requests
  • JENKINS-49692 - Could not update folder level actions from source

v0.1.1 - Released - 4 April 2018

Initial version of the Gerrit Code Review plugin for Jenkins CI, with support for the scripted pipeline with DSL.

Future RoadMap

See below the roadmap I have envisaged for this plugin. However, I do follow a fully Agile approach where it is really the user that drives the development of the product, rather than a project plan.

The roadmap below can then change based on what are your needs and the adoption by the community.

v1.0 - Planned


First fully functional release of the Gerrit Code Review integration that can be functionally equivalent to the historical Gerrit Trigger Plugin but with a focus on Jenkinsfile pipelines.

v0.8 - Planned


Support for internal networks where any calls outside the Jenkins node can be made via Proxy servers.

v0.7 - Planned


Support for builds against Gerrit replicas, where API for review feedback can be different from the one used for fetching the changes.

The challenge of this release is how to automatically discover the upstream Gerrit node purely based on the fetch URL.

v0.6 - Planned


Introduction of the Git/SSH protocol support and use for review feedback.

v0.5 - Planned


Support for BlueOcean, including change description, hyperlink and owner visible from Jenkins UI.


The issues are tracked on the Jenkins Issues portal under the gerrit-code-review-plugin component.

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