Google Cloud Platform SDK :: Storage

This plugin provides the Java Cloud Client Libraries from Google Cloud SDK as a library to be used by other plugins.

This use single version for all modules following ${revision}-${changeList} pattern. The revision part is aligned with Google Java Cloud BOM version.

Example of resulting wrapper artifacts and wrapped libraries:




đź’ˇ This plugin does not provide all of the Java Cloud Client Libraries, but only the ones which were requested by other plugins, following an incremental and iterative approach. If you need a particular library that is not yet provided by this plugin, please feel free to request it or contribute it.



Contains an individual Java Cloud Client Libraries module with the same name.

Adding a new plugin

If you need to use an API that is not yet published as its own plugin, feel free to submit a Pull Request to create a plugin for it.

  • Create a new directory gcp-java-sdk-<name>. The name should be identical to the Java Cloud Client Libraries module.
  • Create pom.xml.
    • Depend on<name>. The name should be identical to the Google SDK module.
    • Transitive dependencies should be replaced by their equivalent plugin dependency.
    • Create src/main/resources/index.jelly. Look at existing modules to have a similar description.
    • Add the module to the root pom.xml.