Form element path

ID: form-element-path

This plugin adds distinctive path attributes to every form element inside Jenkins so that automated test programs like Selenium can be used more effectively to automate/test Jenkins.

How it works

With this plugin enabled, every control inside a form gets the path attribute. The value of this attribute is something like "/hudson-tasks-ArtifactArchiver/artifacts", and is modeled after XPath.

Configuration pages in Jenkins are assembled from small pieces that plugins contribute. Furthermore, in general they form a tree structure, and each such fragment can be used multiple times in different contexts. For example, think of the Conditional BuildStep Plugin that allows you to add arbitrary builder as a nested builder inside the "conditional build step" builder.

Because of this reusability of fragments, the id and name attributes cannot be used reliably to point to a specific fragment. That's why we need XPath-like expression.

Find a path that's assigned to element

Use JavaScript DOM inspector in your browser to pick up INPUT/BUTTON/SELECT elements, and look for the path attribute.