Extended Read Permission

This plugin is up for adoption! We are looking for new maintainers. Visit our Adopt a Plugin initiative for more information.

extended read permission extended read permission plugin extended read permission

This plugin enables various Extended Read permissions in Jenkins.


When this plugin is installed and proper system properties are set (see below), a new column will be added to your authorization strategy configuration (for example, Matrix Security or Project-Based Matrix Security) in the Configure Security screen. This permission grants users and groups read access to pages that would otherwise require configuration or administrative permissions.

Supported permissions

The pages that currently support this permission are:

  • Read-only access to Job configurations (Job/ExtendedRead)

    • Available since Jenkins 1.324

    • Controlled by a hudson.security.ExtendedReadPermission system property. The permission will be enabled if a property is set

  • Read-only access to the System configuration and management pages (Overall/SystemRead)

    • Available since Jenkins 2.222, see JEP-224 for details

    • Controlled by a jenkins.security.SystemReadPermission system property


The plugin exposes some additional APIs which simplify usage of the extended read permissions in other plugins. See the plugin’s Javadoc for more information.