Exclusive Execution

Allows a job to be executed when no other jobs are running.

Possible uses

Execute a backup job: because backup-plugin cannot be scheduled, then I have created my own Jenkins backup script. To run it from Jenkins I crated a 'maintenance' job that must execute when there are no other job running, so this plugin can help perform this backup procedure.

How it works

When this option is enabled, then for every build one pre-build and one post-build steps are executed:

pre-build steps:

  1. The plugin will initiate a shutdown mode which means that no other jobs can be started.
  2. It waits until every job except this one has finished, unless it is indicated not to wait through optional flag. 
  3. Then it starts to execute the job.

post-build steps (executed always even if the build is not succesful):

  1. Jenkins shutdown mode is canceled

Version History


Version 0.8 (Feb 4, 2015)

  • issue #26175 Optional lenient mode added. If activated exclusive-execution job will not wait for currently running jobs to perform build steps (i.e. activate shutdown mode immediately).
  • issue #26351 Spanish translation added.
  • issue #24854 Shutdown mode is interrupted now if job is canceled in pre-build phase.
  • Fernando Miguélez becomes maintainer of the plugin

Version 0.7 (Jul 31, 2011)

  • Major refactoring by Sam Tavakoli

Version 0.6 (Feb 25, 2011)

  • Improve error handling
  • Translation update (Japanese)

Version 0.2 (Apr 15, 2010)

  • Removed limitation of execution on master
  • Removed useless dependencies from pom.xml that create a huge hpi file

Version 0.1 (Apr 13, 2010)

  • Initial release


Unfortunately the hpi file is huge (~17 MByte)... sorry

  • Job must be executed on master