Snow Commander

Snow Software provides a plugin for Jenkins automation servers (Jenkins version 2.164.3 or greater). The Commander Jenkins plugin allows you to configure a Jenkins build job to request virtual services and run command workflows in a Commander instance (version 7.0.0 or greater) as part of building, deploying and installing a project.

Using the Commander Jenkins plugin, you can add any of the following build steps to freestyle and Pipeline jobs:

  • request virtual services
  • run command workflows
  • wait steps to ensure that requests or workflows have sufficient time to complete

The Commander plugin enables more effective continuous integration and delivery for improved DevOps capabilities. Using the Commander plugin allows you to quickly add Commander build steps — you don't need to create lengthy and complex scripts to include in your Jenkins job.

For example, with the help of the Commander plugin you can create a Jenkins job with Commander build steps that each day would delete the test virtual machine from the previous day, submit a service request to deploy a new VM, and install the most recent build of your software on the new VM.

Snow Commander multi-cloud management platform is the fastest and easiest way to automate provisioning, enforce governance, and enable self-service IT across virtualized, private and public cloud infrastructures.

2021 Snow Software

Multi-cloud Management Platform | Snow Commander

Version History

Version 2.0 (Nov 1, 2021)

  • Version bump after plugin rename on JenkinsCI repository

Version 1.12 (Aug 5, 2021)

  • Bugfix: Environment variables are now saved correctly in Jenkins pipelines

Version 1.11 (Mar 12, 2020)

  • Rebranding to Snow Software

Version 1.9 (Nov 20, 2019)

  • Bugfixes and rebranding from vCommander to Commander

Version 1.8 (Jan 11, 2019)

  • Bugfix: rest v.3 bugfix for error passthrough

Version 1.7 (Sept 28, 2018)

  • Bugfix: fixed typo in the help for 'wait for service request completion'

Version 1.6 (July 26, 2018)

  • Bugfix: removed port number from help example as it's not needed anymore

Version 1.5 (July 25, 2018)

  • Added new Embotics logo to plugin

Version 1.4 (May 29th, 2018)

  • fixed issue with wiki link in pom.xml
  • readme spacing

Version 1.3 (May 29th, 2018)

  • testing an automated release cycle with an internal version of jenkins and maven

Version 1.2 (May 28th, 2018) - Initial production release

  • first stable release of Embotics' Commander Plugin for Jenkins
  • compatible with all versions of Commander 7.0 GA +