.NET SDK Support

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This is a plugin for Jenkins, providing convenient use of .NET SDKs, specifically the SDKs for .NET Core and .NET 5.0.

This includes:

  • configuration of named SDKs as global tools, with automatic installation via download
    • dotnetsdk in the tools section of a declarative pipeline
  • a build wrapper, to set up the environment for a particular .NET SDK
    • a "With .NET" section in freestyle jobs
    • withDotNet in pipelines
  • several builders, for common dotnet commands:
    • dotnetBuild - runs "dotnet build"
    • dotnetClean - runs "dotnet clean"
    • dotnetListPackage - runs "dotnet list package"
    • dotnetNuGetDelete - runs "dotnet nuget delete"
    • dotnetNuGetPush - runs "dotnet nuget push"
    • dotnetPack - runs "dotnet pack"
    • dotnetPublish - runs "dotnet publish"
    • dotnetRestore - runs "dotnet restore"
    • dotnetTest - runs "dotnet test"
    • dotnetToolRestore - runs "dotnet tool restore"

The builders are just for convenience; when using the build wrapper, any dotnet command line can be executed using a shell step (bat, sh, powershell, pwsh, ...), as applicable.

Reporting Problems

Please report issues in the Jenkins Issue Tracker. File them under the JENKINS project, making sure to add the dotnet-sdk-plugin component.

Release Notes

Available as part of the GitHub Releases.