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This is a plugin for Jenkins, providing convenient use of .NET SDKs, specifically the SDKs for .NET Core and .NET 5.0.

This includes:

  • configuration of named SDKs as global tools, with automatic installation via download
    • dotnetsdk in the tools section of a declarative pipeline
  • a build wrapper, to set up the environment for a particular .NET SDK
    • a "With .NET" section in freestyle jobs
    • withDotNet in pipelines
  • several builders, for common dotnet commands:
    • dotnetBuild: runs "dotnet build"
    • dotnetClean: runs "dotnet clean"
    • dotnetListPackage: runs "dotnet list package"
    • dotnetNuGetDelete: runs "dotnet nuget delete"
    • dotnetNuGetPush: runs "dotnet nuget push"
    • dotnetPack: runs "dotnet pack"
    • dotnetPublish: runs "dotnet publish"
    • dotnetRestore: runs "dotnet restore"
    • dotnetTest: runs "dotnet test"
    • dotnetToolRestore: runs "dotnet tool restore"

The builders are just for convenience; when using the build wrapper, any dotnet command line can be executed using a batch or shell step, as applicable.

Reporting Problems

Please report issues in the Jenkins Issue Tracker. File them under the JENKINS project, making sure to add the dotnet-sdk-plugin component.

Release Notes

Available as part of the GitHub Releases.

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Version: 1.1.0
Requires Jenkins 2.249.1
Installs: 562
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