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What does this do?

This plugin allows you to publish your documents that are created in the build steps as links on the project page.


Project configuration

FreeStyle project

M2 project

If your project is M2 style, then you have to configure each modules. You can see the links on the module pages, not project page.


Version 0.6.1 (Mar 5, 2016)
  • FIXED: problems when disabling / uninstalling maven-plugin (JENKINS-30766)
Version 0.6 (Sep 28, 2013)
  • added a feature to publish artifacts as documents (JENKINS-19456)
Version 0.5 (Oct 19, 2011)
  • Added German I18N
Version 0.4 (Sat 15, 2011)
Version 0.3 (Feb 15, 2010)
  • Update code for more recent Hudson.
Version 0.2.2 (Jul 25, 2009)
  • Check if user has Job.CONFIGURE, not ADMINISTER when configuring project.
Version 0.2.1 (Jul 20, 2009)
  • Replaced deprecated classes.
  • Fixed a bit.
Version 0.2 (Jul 19, 2009)
  • Supported M2 project.
Version 0.1 (Jul 11, 2009)
  • First release.
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Version: 0.6.1
Requires Jenkins 1.466
Installs: 1,388
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