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Docker Pipeline1.12Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.642.3ID: docker-workflow

Allows to build and use Docker containers from pipelines.


See the user guide for all details.

Open JIRA issues

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug JENKINS-31225 docker.build fails with if HOME is not set. Jesse Glick James Nord Blocker Reopened Unresolved Oct 28, 2015 Aug 24, 2016
Bug JENKINS-40843 Credentials for docker.withServer Not Found Jesse Glick Ihor Lavryniuk Blocker Open Unresolved Jan 05, 2017 Jan 05, 2017
Bug JENKINS-33510 dir('foo') inside "docker.image().inside{}" does not affect CWD of launched processes Jesse Glick Cyrille Le Clerc Critical In Progress Unresolved Mar 13, 2016 Jun 06, 2017
Bug JENKINS-44789 docker 17.05 multistage Dockerfile breaks dockerFingerprintFrom Unassigned Andrew Hammond Critical Open Unresolved Jun 09, 2017 Jun 12, 2017
Bug JENKINS-28606 Track down WithContainerStepTest.stop() hang Tom FENNELLY Jesse Glick Major Open Unresolved May 27, 2015 Aug 03, 2015
Bug JENKINS-32859 tests hung in docker container due to PID1 not reaping zombies Jesse Glick Edwin Török Major Open Unresolved Feb 09, 2016 Feb 09, 2016
Bug JENKINS-36367 Pushing images from within withRegistry block sets tag without port number Jesse Glick Lukasz Zachulski Major Open Unresolved Jun 30, 2016 Jul 25, 2016
Bug JENKINS-36913 ToolInstaller framework doesn't work with docker-pipeline Jesse Glick Cyrille Le Clerc Major Reopened Unresolved Jul 25, 2016 Oct 05, 2016
Bug JENKINS-37069 Permission denied on durable task directory when using docker.image.inside step on fresh install of jenkins Unassigned Vitor Dantas Major Open Unresolved Jul 29, 2016 Mar 01, 2017
Bug JENKINS-38766 withRegistry() duplicates registry name Unassigned Richard Lee Major Open Unresolved Oct 06, 2016 Oct 13, 2016
Bug JENKINS-42152 Docker Pipeline causes build to fails because of use of --force=yes for tagging Unassigned Wojciech Duda Major Open Unresolved Feb 17, 2017 Jun 01, 2017
Bug JENKINS-42322 Docker rm/stop/... commands killed by the timeout, failing builds Joshua Noble Kevin REMY Major In Progress Unresolved Feb 25, 2017 Jun 09, 2017
Bug JENKINS-42863 Docker pipeline steps reported as successful even when failing Unassigned Michael Neale Major Reopened Unresolved Mar 16, 2017 May 25, 2017
Bug JENKINS-43458 Docker stop should allow 143 as a valid exit code Unassigned Alastair D'Silva Major Open Unresolved Apr 10, 2017 May 09, 2017
Bug JENKINS-43465 docker.run within a withRegistry block seems to use image.id instead of image.imageName() Jesse Glick Art V Major In Progress Unresolved Apr 10, 2017 Apr 13, 2017
Bug JENKINS-43590 docker.inside() ENV is semi-random Unassigned Christian Höltje Major Open Unresolved Apr 13, 2017 Jun 12, 2017
Bug JENKINS-44767 Error when fingerprint docker: Cannot retrieve .Id Unassigned Antoine Tran Major Open Unresolved Jun 08, 2017 Jun 09, 2017
Bug JENKINS-31507 docker.build throw IOExceptions with some sources Jesse Glick Henrique Amaral Minor Open Unresolved Nov 11, 2015 Mar 30, 2017
Bug JENKINS-31608 Better support of DockerHub credentials Jesse Glick Cyrille Le Clerc Minor Open Unresolved Nov 17, 2015 Nov 17, 2015
Bug JENKINS-35370 Workflow shell step ERROR: script returned exit code -1 Jesse Glick zbigniew jasinski Minor Reopened Unresolved Jun 06, 2016 May 11, 2017
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Version history

Version 1.12 (Jun 16, 2017)

  • Label the Docker workspace volume mount shared for SELinux.
  • Stray whitespace in inspect format could cause errors.
  • Empty environment variables in Jenkins settings could cause errors.
  • JENKINS-42322 Increased timeout for client operations from 10s to 3m by default (configurable).

Version 1.11 (May 08, 2017)

  • Print diagnostics explaining why --volumes-from is or is not being used.
  • JENKINS-43222 Fixes to environment used for running docker CLI commands when using inside.

  • JENKINS-43328 Detect container ID when running using --parent-group.

Version 1.10 (Feb 13, 2017)

  • Fixed detection of agents running inside containers under further special conditions.
  • Detect custom Dockerfile when using --file.
  • JENKINS-34276 Allow Image.inside to run with either a local or registry-prefixed name.
  • JENKINS-37719 Recover when dockerd hangs.

Version 1.9.1 (Nov 14, 2016)

  • Name changed to remove word “CloudBees”.

Version 1.9 (Oct 05, 2016)

  • Failure to pass --volumes-from from Image.inside when an agent was run in a container using --volume but no VOLUME declaration.
  • JENKINS-37769 As-yet-undiagnosed issue with stop meant that cleanup from Image.inside was delayed for ten seconds.
  • JENKINS-38018 When withRegistry succeeds, print a message saying where credentials were stored. When credentials are not found, abort rather than silently continuing.
  • JENKINS-37951 withTool was not honored by Image.inside.

Version 1.8 (Sep 07, 2016)

  • JENKINS-37987 Allow Image.inside to work with images like maven which specify an ENTRYPOINT.
  • JENKINS-36332 Allow a command argument to be passed to Image.withRun.
  • Improved detection of containerized Jenkins instances from 1.5.
  • Avoid blocking log output when running docker commands to compute fingerprints.

Version 1.7 (Jul 26, 2016)

Requires a newer Jenkins baseline and Pipeline dependencies.

  • JENKINS-36214 Use a workspace-specific temporary directory to write .container files.
  • JENKINS-34050 Docker.build may now take arbitrary arguments, not merely an alternate base directory.
  • JENKINS-31225 More portable way of determining when commands need to be wrapped in an implicit node block.

Version 1.6 (Jul 01, 2016)

  • Fix error in 1.5 when not run on Linux.

Version 1.5 (Jun 30, 2016)

  • Work correctly out of the box when Jenkins itself is running inside a Docker container. Demo also updated to exercise this mode.
  • JENKINS-33510 Not solved, but at least print a warning to the build log that dir inside Image.inside does not work.
  • JENKINS-33063 Allow a command to be passed to Image.run.
  • Added a Container.port function.

Version 1.4 (Mar 03, 2016)

  • JENKINS-27152 Mount temporary directories now used by several other plugins in addition to the workspace when using Docker.Image.inside.
  • Handle recent deprecation of docker tag --force.

Version 1.3 (Feb 05, 2016)

  • No functional change, just following rename from Workflow to Pipeline.

Version 1.2 (Aug 04 2015)

  • JENKINS-28611 Honor DOCKER_HOST and similar environment variables from the slave machine when running docker exec for docker.inside.

Version 1.1 (Jul 28 2015)

Version 1.0 (Jun 03 2015)

  • (plus) First release
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