Docker Commons

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API plugin, which provides the common shared functionality for various Docker-related plugins.


  • API for managing Docker image and container fingerprints
  • Credentials and location of Docker Registry
  • Credentials and location of Docker Daemon (aka Docker Remote API)
  • ToolInstallation for Docker CLI clients
  • DockerImageExtractor extension point to get Docker image relations from jobs
  • Simple UI referring related image fingerprints in Docker builds
  • etc.


Credentials and locations

This allows users to configure one set of endpoint/credentials and use it across all the Docker related plugins, thereby keeping configuration more DRY.

See Docker Pipeline Plugin for the typical usage.

Declarative pipeline example

An example on how to bind Docker host/daemon credentials in a declarative pipeline:

pipeline {
  agent any
  tools {
    // a bit ugly because there is no `@Symbol` annotation for the DockerTool
    // see the discussion about this in PR 77 and PR 52: 
    '' '18.09'
  environment {
    DOCKER_CERT_PATH = credentials('id-for-a-docker-cred')
  stages {
    stage('foo') {
      steps {
        sh "docker version" // DOCKER_CERT_PATH is automatically picked up by the Docker client


MIT License