Design Library

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Design Library makes it easy for developers to build complex and consistent interfaces using Jenkins UI components

This plugin contains:

  • demonstration of UI components available in Jenkins
  • snippets of Jelly ready-to-use examples


You can open this project as a Gitpod workspace which comes pre-configured with all the tools you will need.

Open in Gitpod

If you prefer using IntelliJ IDEA, you can setup Gitpod integration with JetBrains Gateway using the instructions on, which will open the workspace in IntelliJ IDEA using JetBrains Gateway.

Alternatively clone this project and run mvn hpi:run.

Go to the Design Library menu item or straight to http://localhost:8080/jenkins/design-library/ and play with UI components.

If you just want to see this plugin in action then you can also visit the latest version of this plugin in our Jenkins "weekly" live installation.