Datetime Constraint

Jenkins Plugin

datetime-constraint is a Jenkins plugin that enables you to set time restrictions (configurable through the UI), that can be applied to any stage in the pipeline, by simply calling the method curfew(). If someone triggers a Jenkins pipeline outside of your allowed timeframe, the pipeline will be aborted, unless manually approved through the UI prompt.


  1. Getting started
  2. Jenkinsfile examples
  3. Showcase

Getting started

  • Go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available
  • Filter for datetime-constraint.
  • Click Install without restart.
  • Find Curfew and set your configuration (timezone, restricted times/days).
  • In your Jenkinsfile simply call curfew() at any stage.

If you need more help you can also read the official Jenkins guide for plugin installation.

Settings example: (Mon-Thu prevent before 08:00 and after 16:00, Fri time restriction all day, no restrictions Sat-Sun). Curfew UI Demo

Jenkinsfile examples

Declarative Pipeline

pipeline {
  agent any
  stages {
    stage('curfew') {
      steps {
        script {

Scripted Pipeline

node {
  stage('curfew') {


Following you will find a demonstration of what the prompt for manual approval looks like, in case someone triggers the pipeline outside of the allowed timeframe:

Curfew UI Demo



This project is licensed under the MIT License.