Custom Build Properties

Jenkins Plugin


Add custom properties to a build. There are different ways of setting and getting them:

  • Pipeline steps: setCustomBuildProperty, getCustomBuildProperty
  • Exported to Remote API
  • HTTP GET and POST (e.g. http://.../someJob/lastCompletedBuild/custombuildproperties/get?key=MyKey)

The properties are displayed on the build summary page - per default as a key value table.

The step waitForCustomBuildProperties can be used for synchronization in parallel branches.

Multi column table rendering

Per default custom build properties are displayed as a key value table. In order to create a multi column table you need to add a regex matching two groups: 1st is the rowName, 2nd is the columnName. The regex is applied to each key. Add the regex as custom build property using the special key _cbp_table_<tablename>.


MIT License


This plugin uses automatic versioning with a manually controlled prefix.