The ctrf-json-plugin for Jenkins allows users to publish Common Test Report Format (CTRF) JSON test results in Jenkins, providing a standardized way to report and visualize test outcomes.

What is CTRF?

Common Test Report Format is a JSON test report schema that provides standardized JSON test results reports.

Consistency Across Tools: Different testing tools and frameworks often produce reports in varied formats. CTRF provides a common schema, making it easy to understand and compare reports, regardless of the testing tool used.

Language and Framework Agnostic: A universal reporting schema that works seamlessly with any programming language and testing framework.

Facilitates Enhanced Programmatic Use: Programatically interacting with test outcomes across multiple tools becomes more straightforward.


  1. Install the Plugin: Navigate to your Jenkins instance's Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins section. Search for the ctrf-json-plugin under the Available tab, select it, and click Install without restart.

  2. Restart Jenkins: Although not always necessary, a restart ensures all plugin features are properly loaded.


  1. Create or Configure a Job: Go to your Jenkins dashboard and either create a new job or configure an existing one.

  2. Add Post Build Step: In the job configuration, navigate to the Post Build Actions section and add a post build step named Publish CTRF test result report. This option becomes available after installing the ctrf-json-plugin.

  3. Configure the Plugin: In the plugin configuration section, specify the pattern for your CTRF JSON files. For example, **/ctrf/*.json would match all JSON files within a ctrf directory in your workspace.

  4. Save and Run: Save your job configuration and execute the job. Upon completion, Jenkins will process the specified CTRF JSON files and publish the results.


Contributions to the ctrf-json-plugin are welcome! Please refer to the CONTRIBUTING.md file for guidelines on how to make contributions.


The ctrf-json-plugin is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.