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Cron Column1.4Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.424ID: cron_column

Installs: 2802
Last released: 3 years ago
Eelco de Vlieger
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Cron Column

View column showing the cron trigger expressions that can be configured on a job
(Subversion, Scheduled Builds, etc.)
This is a ListViewColumn plugin that adds a column to a jobs overview page.
The column displays the cron-like expression of each Trigger that can be configured on a job (Subversion, Scheduled Builds etc).

Plugin Source: https://hudson.dev.java.net/svn/hudson/trunk/hudson/plugins/cron_column

How to Use

Once you have installed this plugin, you still have to update a view to add this column.  The pages Changing the Columns of a View and Editing or Replacing the All View will show you how.


Version 1.4 (Jun 16 2014)

Same as 1.1, just released to make sure it is considered newer than 1.003 (a nonstandard version string).

Version 1.1 (Jun 12 2014)

Version 1.003 (6 Jul, 2010)

  • Plugin now works with other project types (previously only worked with Freestyle Projects)
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