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The CodeQL Plugin automatically installs and sets up the CodeQL CLI on a Jenkins agent during a build.


During a build this plugin will:

  • Install a specific version of the CodeQL CLI
  • Add the following environment variables:
    • PATH: The CodeQL CLI home will be added to the PATH variable so that the tool will be available during build
    • CODEQL_CLI_HOME: A new environment variable will be added containing the home of the CODEQL_CLI

Getting started

  • In the Jenkins global tool configuration settings (Manage Jenkins → Global Tool Configuration), find the "CodeQL" section, click "CodeQL Installations…" and "Add CodeQL".
  • Enter a name, e.g. "CodeQL 2.5.5": This will be the name entered in the Pipeline
  • Select "Install automatically" and select the desired CodeQL version from the drop-down list

For pipelines, you can use the tool step or the withCodeQL step as seen below:

node {
    stage('Build') {
         withCodeQL(codeql: 'CodeQL 2.5.5') {
            sh 'codeql --version'


Refer to our contribution guidelines


Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE