Code Dx

Allows Jenkins to push source and build artifacts to Code Dx and display the aggregated results of its full suite of analysis tools.



  • Upload your source, binaries, and/or scan file(s) from your Jenkins jobs to your Code Dx installation easily
  • Scan your source and binaries for potential vulnerabilities and quality issues using Code Dx
  • Code Dx is an application vulnerability correlation and management system that supports C/C++, C#, Java/JSP, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Scala, and Visual Basic .NET
  • See Code Dx finding trends right in Jenkins
  • Prevent serious issues from slipping through the cracks by configuring Jenkins to fail your builds with customizable Code Dx findings criteria


Jenkins 2.200 or later, and a Code Dx server deployment with an API Key created from the Code Dx admin page.


Consult the latest Code Dx online documentation for instructions on how to configure your build.



Visit the Synopsys Community Forums for support.