AWS CodeCommit URL Helper

This plugin creates an extra Git Plugin Behaviour, thus helping you use AWS Credentials (keys and/or Instance Profiles) when checking out from AWS CodeCommit Service, thus avoiding the need to customize your ~/.gitconfig for usage with the awscli tool.


Once you install, set the URL of your Git Repository to the one you got from the AWS CodeCommit Console e.g., and under Behaviours, add "AWS CodeCommit URL Helper". Also, set the AWS Credential ID on it. Ignore the 403 error, as the plugin behaves only on runtime.

Note that Git binary might need some patching due to gnutls. Alternatively, set your git path to 'jgit' (Manage Jenkins | Configure | git | Git Installations | Path to git executable) in order to switch to the embedded jgit backend. (Ignore the warning on the missing binary)

The plugin detects all matching HTTPS codecommit Repository URLS and once found, adds a generated credential token when needed.


Use the beanstalker-users mailing list on google groups (link) if you have questions. Of course, there's the github issues (


This is a logical step from our ingenieux Beanstalker project, and we hope it helps you to get your stuff done. You can see the full list of credits on (under "Huge Thanks goes To")

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