CloudCoreo DeployTime

The Jenkins project announced an unresolved security vulnerability affecting the current version of this plugin (why?):

CloudCoreo DeployTime

Allows for inspection of cloud objects at time of deploy against contexts on the CloudCoreo platform. Fails builds that are in violation of user-defined CloudCoreo context rules.


  • CloudCoreo account
  • A connected cloud account for the CloudCoreo account


  1. Create a CloudCoreo access key in your CloudCoreo account
  2. In Jenkin's global configuration settings, add a team and fill out all necessary fields
  3. Under "Build Environment" for job configuration, select "CloudCoreo Enabled for Workload Analysis" and choose a team
  4. Add a post-build action for "Analyze CloudCoreo Results"

Tips & Customizations

Use CloudCoreo to edit the contexts for which new deployed objects are checked against. You can edit the default rules, adding to them or defining a new default context altogether, as well as individually select rules within a broader context.