Cloudbees DevOptics Installation

This plugin makes the CloudBees DevOptics data collecting plugin available in OSS installations of Jenkins.

DevOptics Plugin Installation Instructions

  1. Install this plugin from the Jenkins Plugin Manager.  
    1. A restart is not necessary, however, the "Check now" button needs to be clicked to update the Available Offerings.
  2. Install the DevOptics plugin.  
    1. A restart is not necessary.  Then proceed to configure the DevOptics plugin.  Please refer to the DevOptics installation instructions for details.



Help and Support

For Help and support please use the Jenkins Users mailing list.
To report a bug please check the bug tracker to see if the issue has been reported before creating a new issue.

Version History

0.4 (4 December 2018)

Update wiki link, style fixes, and bump minimum Jenkins version.

0.3 (31 January 2018)

Documentation update and change plugin display name.

0.2 (25 January 2018)

Initial release.

0.1 (25 January 2018)

Test release.