Clone Workspace SCM

This plugin is up for adoption! We are looking for new maintainers. Visit our Adopt a Plugin initiative for more information.

Archive the workspace from builds of one job and reuse them as the SCM source for another job.


The plugin provides a "publisher" that freestyle job can use to clone the workspace of one job for use by another job.

  • In the configuration for a project whose workspace you want to clone and re-use in other projects, select "Archive for Clone Workspace SCM" in the list of publishers
  • If desired, specify the files to include in the archive - by default, this will be "*/". Use Ant-style globs
  • Specify the criteria a build needs to meet in order to be archived
  • Run a build. If it meets the criteria, its workspace will be archived, until a new build meeting the criteria has run, at which point the old archive will be deleted


  • In the configuration for a project which you wish to have re-use another project's workspace, select "Clone Workspace" from the list of possible SCMs
  • Choose the parent project whose workspace you wish to re-use from the drop-down list - if no projects have the clone workspace publisher enabled, the drop-down will be empty
  • Choose the parent build criteria you wish to use
  • Run a build - assuming the parent project has an archived workspace meeting the criteria in question, it'll be expanded and used as the workspace for this build
  • Additionally, the changelog from the parent project build that archived workspace came from will be re-used as the changelog for this build

Version history

See GitHub releases for recent releases.