Chaos Monkey

ID: chaos-monkey

Chaos Monkey Plugin

This plugin was written to help the development of a CLI tool interacting with Jenkins. The need is to have a instance of Jenkins in a bad shape to gauge how the CLI handles it.

There are currently only 2 features:

  • A latency injector, accessible from the Global Configuration of Jenkins:

  • A queue locker accessible as a Global Action :

  • A load generator (CPU) accessible as a Global Action:

  • A memory leak generator accessible as a Global Action:


This plugin is for testing and development purposes and should never be installed on a production instance!


  • Review the way the CPU load is generated works on Kubernetes
  • Add some http request load generator

About the name of the plugin

It comes from the well known Netflix Chaos Monkey tool. Thanks to Arnaud Héritier for suggesting it.

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Version: 0.4.1
Requires Jenkins 2.164.1
Installs: 5
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Pierre Beitz
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