Cerberus Testing

ID: cerberus-testing


This plugin allows :

  • To launch a test campaign on Cerberus
  • To wait Cerberus executes it
  • To display a report on console. Fail if a test is ko, else sucess.

What is cerberus ?

Cerberus is an open source, user friendly, automated testing sofware. See website for more information

Get started

  • Install plugin on Jenkins
  • Set parameters on "Manage Jenkins" screen : global_parameter

On Jenkins

  • To add a campaign Cerberus execution on a job, add a new build step "Execute Cerberus Campaign", and set parameters : build_parameter

On Jenkinsfile

  • Just call executeCerberusCampaign function with parameters :
    • campaignName : Campaign name to execute
    • platform : Platform to execute (define into Cerberus)
    • environment : Environment to execute (define into Cerberus)
    • browser : Browser executed by Cerberus to test application. If browser is empty, use global settings of Cerberus plugin.
    • browserVersion : Browser version executed by Cerberus to test application. If browserVersion is empty, use global settings of Cerberus plugin.
pipeline {	
    stages {
		stage('cerberus Test') {
			steps {					
				executeCerberusCampaign campaignName : "Test_campaign" , platform : "", environment : "QA", browser : "firefox", browserVersion : "47"
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Version: 1.6.5
Requires Jenkins 1.580.1
Installs: 14
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Nicolas Deblock
Benoit Dumont
Gautier Houck
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