CA Service Virtualization

ID: ca-service-virtualization


The CA Service Virtualization plug-in for Jenkins lets you manage virtual services and provision tests on CA Service Virtualization from your Jenkins UI.

Key Features:

  • Start / Stop virtual services
  • Deploy / Undeploy virtual services
  • Deploy tests and test suites
  • Display of test or test suite Jenkins built-in reports
  • Use global or dynamic CA SV connection settings
  • CA Service Virtualization credentials supported by Jenkins Credentials store
  • Leverage Jenkins parameters to parametrize CA SV build steps
  • Full support of Jenkins Pipeline scripting

Additional Information

For detailed documentation see: Jenkins Plug-in for CA Service Virtualization. 

See the Changelog to learn about new features, changes and fixes in the particular plugin version.

Visit the CA DevTest Community pages to provide your feedback and receive community support.



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Version: 1.0.2
Requires Jenkins 2.73.3
Installs: 73
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Petr Vlasek
Roman Jakubco
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