Build Symlink


Traditionally Jenkins created symbolic links to build directories. For example, $JENKINS_HOME/jobs/someprj/builds/lastStable might have been a link to 23  if that was the number of the most recent build which was stable, with the target resolving to $JENKINS_HOME/jobs/someprj/builds/23/ as the physical directory. This functionality was rarely used in practice (most access to build metadata and products from other tools would come from the REST API rather than by directly accessing the Jenkins filesystem), and caused problems in many environments where symlink support is spotty (especially Windows), and complicated things like backup scripts. Jenkins 2.185 and newer no longer make these symlinks ( JENKINS-37862 - Getting issue details... STATUS ), so this plugin exists as an option for people who really needed that functionality. There is nothing to configure or do after installing the plugin—it should just restore the symlink functionality.


See GitHub releases.