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This plugin keeps the actual job in the queue if at least one name of currently running jobs is matching with one of the given regular expressions.


This plugin is similar to the locks and latches plugin. The main difference is, that it uses regular expressions to find potentially blocking jobs by their names in the list of currently running builds. It uses the QueueTaskDispatcher to check if the actual job may be build. The dispatcher uses the list of regular expressions configured in the job. If one of the currently running jobs matches with one of the regular expressions, the job stays in the queue.

How to use

After installing the plugin, the job configuration page has a new property "Block build if certain jobs are running" in the upper section.

Configuring blocking jobs

Insert one regular expression per line into the textarea. Each expression is used to detect currently running jobs that match with their names. The first matching job name will block the build and the job will stay in the queue until all expression are evaluated without match.

Other than the locks and latches plugin where both, the job to be build and the blocking job, need to have the same lock configured, this plugin allows to just configure to job to be build. No jenkins system configuration is needed.

The blocking behaviour can be configured to either block builds

  • from running on the same node
  • from running at all

Additionally, the blocking behaviour can be configured to consider planned, but not yet running builds in the decision to block a build. Either buildable builds can stop another build from running (for instance builds that are waiting for an available executor) or
all planned builds can stop another build from running (blocked builds, pending builds waiting builds and buildable builds)

Declarative Pipeline

Inside a declarative pipeline, this can be used as is:

pipeline {
    agent any
    options {
      buildBlocker (useBuildBlocker: true, blockLevel: 'NODE', scanQueueFor: 'ALL', blockingJobs: 'foo-.*')


Usage inside jobdsl scripts is simple as well. For example in order to create a pipeline job which blocks on global level when another job is building you can write the following

pipelineJob('MyPipeline') {

    // Block build if certain jobs are running.
    blockOn('.*AnotherPipeline.*') {
        // Possible values are 'GLOBAL' and 'NODE' (default).
        // Possible values are 'ALL', 'BUILDABLE' and 'DISABLED' (default).