Build Alias Setter

ID: build-alias-setter
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Using plugin

Plugin allows user to create build aliases. Build aliases will be displayed together with job permalinks at the job page and, more importantly, the alias can be used in url to identify the build.

Token macro

User can declare an alias template as a token macro expression. New builds will have aliases attached with the expanded value. Given the configuration from the picture, the build can then be reached at url like /job/<job-name>/git-532b247b8fa8b4268f66d1c36d552bb0b5b277fb.

Extending plugin

Plugin exposes AliasProvider extension points to be used by other plugins. Developers can create configurable providers of custom aliases. TokenMacroAliasProvider can be seen as an example implementation.

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Version: 0.4
Requires Jenkins 1.466
Installs: 417
Oliver Gondža
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