Bitbucket Filter Project Trait

Adds project filter traits to Bitbucket Branch Source plugin. Bitbucket Cloud & Server users can now filter by project key or name using a regular expression.


This plugin adds two new filters to jobs with type Bitbucket Team/Project:

  • Filter by Bitbucket project key using a regular expression
  • Filter by Bitbucket project name using a regular expression

With the use of the filters you can scan your whole organisation on Bitbucket Cloud, but only create jobs for repositories that match a particular project.


Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin

Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin 2.2.13 or newer is required.


After installing the plugin, when creation jobs of type Bitbucket Team/Project:


There will be two new "Behaviors" to be selected:


"Filter by project key" and "Filter by project name".

Both of this allow filtering using a regular expression.

They match your Bitbucket Cloud project as following:


"Filter by project key" will match "AN" and "AR" on the example above.

"Filter by project name" will match "Analytics" and "Architecture" on the example above.

You can choose to filter by key or name.

Once you add one of the filters, you can write a regular expression to filter by that project:


In the example filter above, repositories belonging to "Architecture (AR)" will be scanned.

Repositories belonging to other projects will be filtered out.

Version history

Version 1.0 (November 5, 2018)

  • Initial release with filter traits for project by key and by name