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Amazon S3 Bucket Credentials0.1.1Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.596.1ID: aws-bucket-credentials

Allows the retrieval of kms encrypted credentials from an s3 bucket using Amazon Web Services


Version 0.1.1

  • Fixes NPE when jenkins used a credential set before a restart caused by serialization

Version 0.1 

  • Initial working upload


Simply define the username for these credentials. Then, to obtain the password

  1. Define the Region ("eu-west-1" style casing)

Define how to use S3

  1. the bucket name and 
  2. object id
  3. are you needing to use a proxy to connect to the s3 bucket

then the kms details 

  1. the kms secret name
  2. the (optional) extra details Name/Value pair - this is has to match what was used to encrypt the password originally
  3. are you needing to use a proxy to connect to kms

Finally there is a section on the proxy setup (only important if you need to use a proxy in either of the steps above)

  1. Proxy host
  2. Proxy port

The password will now be obtained when the "getPassword" as called.

These credentials can be used anywhere a username/password credentials are allowed in a plugin.

Credential binding is also provided using the class AwsBucketCredentialsBinding and the username can be linked to the "usernameVariable" and the password can be linked to the "passwordVariable"

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