The current version of this plugin contains a vulnerability:
Version: 1.4Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.458ID: assembla
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Last released:
Luca Milanesio

The current version of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before use:

This plugin integrates Assembla to Jenkins.

Into the Jenkins global configuration screen configure the Assembla site url and the authentication credentials. You can optionally set a custom pattern to detect Assembla tickets in commit messages

Hit Test Connection to check if the configured site and credentials works

You have now to configure the jobs you want to enable Assembla plugin: this configuration is available only if at least an Assembla site has been configured in the global Jenkins configuration

Check the Update relevant Assembla tickets if you want Jenkins to back-track the build URL as an Assembla ticket comment

Now Assembla keys in changelogs are hyperlinked to the corresponding Assembla tickets pages (with tooltips)

The following image shows how the added comment looks like in Assembla


Version 1.1

  • The first released version to jenkins-ci repositories
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