Artifact Deployer

This plugin is up for adoption! We are looking for new maintainers. Visit our Adopt a Plugin initiative for more information.

Artifact Deployer Plugin

This plugin makes it possible to copy artifacts to remote locations.

By default, Jenkins archives artifacts generated by the build. These artifacts are stored in the JENKINS_HOME directory with all other elements such as job configuration files. There is no separation between infrastructure elements, project elements and outputs. It is often considered to be a bad practice and it doesn't help to manage the JENKINS_HOME directory from an administrator point of view (backup issues, etc). And for now, we can't change the 'Archived artifacts' location.

ArtifactDeployer plugin enables you to archive build artifacts to any remote locations such as to a separate file server (outside of the JENKINS_HOME directory).

There are many other Jenkins plugins close to ArtifactDeployer such as CopyArtifact plugin for publishing artifacts from Jenkins resources (from the current workspace, from the old builds of the same job or other jobs, ...) to remote locations with the protocol file:// There are also others plugins for managing other protocols such as ftp://, ssh://.

But none of these plugins provides a common way to manage the deployment.

ArtifactDeployer is a complete alternative to the built-in Jenkins feature "Archiving artifacts' and it is aimed at providing an uniform deployment mechanism.


  • Copies build artifacts from the workspace to a remote location shared on the build processor node
  • Provides links to archived artifacts from the job status page
  • Deletes on demand archived artifacts when the build is removed


  • Only file deployment is supported
  • For downloading deployed artifacts, remote location must be accessible from the Jenkins controller
  • Jenkins process must have the right permissions to write in the specified location


See the separate change log for past releases.