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Jenkins plugin to upload artefacts to AppCenter. A replacement for the HockeyApp plugin.


This plugin is currently in Alpha and looking for contributors. To begin with it will aim to support the upload functionality of AppCenter. When the APIs for AppCenter become stable this plugin will be eligible to be moved out of Alpha.

These are the outstanding tickets for this project.


If you would like to contribute it would be massively helpful if you followed these steps:

  1. Create an issue first in the Jenkins issue tracker.
    • Use the component appcenter-plugin.
  2. Create a branch from master referencing your issue id.
  3. Commit, commit, commit.
  4. Push your changes and file a PR.

Usage Instructions

Up to date syntax for this plugin can always be found in the Jenkins Pipeline Syntax Generator. However in its simplest form you can upload an artefact to AppCenter like this:

stage('Publish') {
  environment {
    APPCENTER_API_TOKEN = credentials('at-this-moment-you-should-be-with-us')
  steps {
    appCenter apiToken: APPCENTER_API_TOKEN,
            ownerName: 'janes-addiction',
            appName: 'ritual-de-lo-habitual',
            pathToApp: 'three/days/xiola.apk',
            distributionGroups: 'casey, niccoli'

It may sound obvious but ensure the file you are trying to upload is available on the node that you are running the plugin from.


See release page.