Alauda DevOps Sync



  • Bump kubernetes-client version to 0.2.9. Set the default value of resourceVersion to 0
  • Bump kubernetes-model version to 0.2.10 Update model to prevent some field to be set to empty
  • Make sure that one Jenkins instance can only sync with one JenkinsService which in the kubernetes cluster


  • #73 Fix missed badge id
  • Fix infinite loop in PipelineConfigDepCheck, ignore update exception
  • #71 Fix mission workflow job build history items
  • #29 Add changelog file
  • Bump kubernetes-client version to 0.2.8. Set the default value of resourceVersion to 0
  • Fix the project's name occupied by other job types instead of a folder
  • Clean up unused files
  • Don't push git tag, this behavior will depend on mvn
  • Fix the folder cannot be deleted when the namespace was deleted. It'll occur when the Jenkins is offline.
  • Add scripts to auto upload then restart Jenkins


  • Add badge support