Agent Server Parameter

ID: agent-server-parameter

This plug-in is used to select the build server before building. If you have multiple build servers, you can use this plug-in to make a convenient selection before building. The plug-in will remember that the server you choose each time is convenient for the next build.

The advantage of using this plugin is that you may have multiple servers for building: project doc image


basic configuration

In the project configuration page, select the "This project is parameterized" check box, add "Agent Server Parameter" parameter, create a parameter name, you can also click "Advanced" to set the default build server name, the default value is not a required option, if it is The default is the master server. project doc image

The method of reading parameter values at build time:

    print params['agent-name']

Select the server before building

project doc image

The default value is updated after each server selection, which is convenient for the next build.

project doc image

Declarative Pipeline

pipeline {
   agent { label params['agent-name'] } 

      agentParameter name:'agent-name'
   stages {
      stage('Hello') {
         steps {
            print params['agent-name'] 

It is possible to create parameters in the build script, but because each execution of the build script creates a new "Agent Server Parameter" build parameter, the last selected value cannot be retained.

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Version: 1.0
Requires Jenkins 2.164.1
Installs: 100
Sun WeiSheng
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