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Office 365 Connector2.5Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.651.2ID: Office-365-Connector

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Aug 17, 2017
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This plugin from Microsoft Corp. allows sending running Jobs status notifications.


Once the Office 365 Connector plugin is installed, webhooks for notifications are defined in Job Notification section of the configuration of job. Here is the screenshot for that section
Here are the steps to configure a webhook

  • Click on the "Add Webhook" button.
  • Enter the webhook URL which is displayed when you create JenkinsCI connector in Office365.
  • Check the boxes for which you want to receive notifications.
  • Configure the timeout after which jenkins plugin would give on unavailable server.

Once you configure this plugin, build related messages will appear in the workplace messaging system.

To send messages from inside pipeline script:

  • Configure the webhook you want to send message following the steps mentioned above.
  • In the Pipeline script use the following command:
    office365ConnectorSend message: "<Your message>", status:"<Build status>"

To send message from inside Jenkinsfile:

  • In the script use the following command:
    office365ConnectorSend message: "<Your message>", status:"<Build status>", webhookUrl:'<The connector webhook url>'


This plugin is created to work with Office 365 Groups.

Release 2.5

  1. When selected notification type as "Failure", then notification is sent only when previous build is success and current build failed. No notification would be sent for repeated failure. If user wants to receive notification for repeated failure, then he/she should select "Repeated Failure" notification type.
  2. Details about test cases and developers would be displayed in the card only if those details are availble, else they would not be displayed.

Release 2.4.1

  1. Removed unwanted logging on the console.

Release 2.4

  1. Removed Build Start Time from the office365ConnectorSend message card.

Release 2.3

  1. Added support to set "Status" of the card from office365ConnectorSend command.
  2. Added facts culprits and developers when the build is triggered due to SCM commit.

Release 2.2

  1. Added support to send notification from inside Jenkinsfile. 
  2. Added option webhookUrl for the office365ConnectorSend command.

Release 2.1

  1. Fixed Back To Normal Time showing some invalid time issue.

Release 2.0

  1. Added support to send notification from inside the pipeline script. The user can use office365ConnectorSend command to send any notification.

Release 1.4

  1. Included author name and number of files changed if the build is due to SCM change.

Release 1.3.3

  1. Tracks UNSTABLE to SUCCESS build status changes with Notify Back To Normal event.

Release 1.3

  1. Supports notification for pipeline jobs.

Release 1.2.1

  1. Initial version.
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