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Yet Another Build Visualizer
1.2Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.73.3ID: yet-another-build-visualizer

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Last released: 14 days ago
Gustaf Lundh

A Jenkins plugin that allows visualization of the build flow of upstream and downstream builds in Jenkins.

This plugin provides a few features not found in any current build flow visualizers:

  • It displays not only downstream builds, but the full build flow from the very first build in the complete pipeline, regardless of which build you are currently visiting. In the screenshot above, the selected build is highlighted using a thick dashed border.

  • Since the full chain is always shown, the plugin provides easy and fast navigation between all executed builds in the pipeline.

  • Sports nice and modern interface.

  • It is compatible with all build types in Jenkins and all known mechanisms of triggering downstream builds.

  • Provides visualization without adding actions or tagging builds in Jenkins with additional meta-data, hence it is totally non-destructive and safe for removal without risking serialization issues.


Please use google-java-format with default settings for code formatting. PRs containing code that is not formatted correctly will not be merged. Any .groovy file should be checked with CodeNarc (latest stable), using the rules as defined in configs/codenarc_rules.txt.

Plug-in Dependencies

This plugin is dependent on the Downstream Build Cache plugin, which keeps tracks of the Upstream → Downstream relationship of all builds in Jenkins.



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