URL Filter

URL Filter Plugin

This plugin enables filtering servlet/http/url requests in Jenkins and blocking the ones which are matched with the given Regex Pattern.


Most of the actions in Jenkins UI/CLI are processed over Http protocol. Because of security reasons, some of these requests may need to be blocked.

In summary, with Administrative Filter Plugin,

  • You can define filter patterns (Regex) for Http Request URIs
  • You can define usernames or regex patterns for excluding loggedIn users from url restrictions.


Plugin configuration is stored under Jenkins - Configure System page. Under the URL Filter section in this page, you can add filters as much as you want.

For adding a new filter click on Add Filter button.

Filter definition requires a valid regex pattern and excluded user list (optional).

After adding filters click Save

Logging and Debugging

Every matched and blocked request will be logged in Jenkins log.

Additionally, if you need to see more details about plugin flow, you can set logger in System Log section in Jenkins.

Add a Logger with this package name org.jenkins.plugins.urlFilter and set log level to ALL.

Filtering Examples

Restrict Api Creation for user

Filter pattern: .*jenkins\.security\.ApiTokenProperty/.*

Restrict CLI Usage

Filter pattern: .*/cli$

Restrict Api Usage

Filter pattern: .*/api/.* Filter pattern: .*/crumbIssuer/.*

Exclude User with Regex

Excluded Users: "bob alice mic.*"