This plugin allows for easy integration with the Uleska DevSecOps Platform, which automates and orchestrates software security testing within your DevOps pipeline.

The initial functionality is simply to kick off scans, therefore keeping your vulnerability information up-to-date, but we plan to build on this in future releases.


To use this plugin you will need a few things first:

  • A Uleska Platform account, sign up here
  • An API key for your account, which you can request using the API/Swagger when you are authenticated

Getting Started

1. Adding a Connection

Navigate to your Jenkins Global Configuration (Home > Manage Jenkins > Configure System)

Scroll down to Uleska Configuration and click New Instance and insert the required data (all fields are required)

  • Name: Any descriptive name of your instance, e.g. Live
  • URL: The base URL of your instance, must contain schema and not contain any path
  • API Token Secret: Platform API token stored in a Secret Text credential in the Jenkins credential store

2. Adding a Scan Build Step

The plugin can be run in two ways:

  • Post-build Action in a Freestyle project
  • Step in a Pipeline project

Each takes in the same fields:

  • Uleska Instance: As configured in Global Config, select from dropdown or insert Name as string
  • Application ID: UUID of the application to scan a version of
  • Version ID: UUID of the version to scan
  • Toolkit Name The name of the toolkit to run eg: Uleska Code Scan
  • Block Build on Failure: Whether to propagate the failure of the scan request to the build

2.1. Post Build Action

Scroll down to Post-build Actions and select UleskaScanner from the Add post-build action dropdown

2.2. Pipeline Step

Add the following: to your pipeline.

    $class: 'UleskaScanner', 
    uleskaInstanceName: 'Live', 
    applicationId: '00000000-1111-2222-3333-444444444444', 
    versionId: 'aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeeee',
    toolkitName: 'Uleska Code Scan',    
    propagateFailure: true

Note you can also use Jenkins' Pipeline Syntax utility to generate the above snippet using a build step like form.