Tricentis Continuous Integration

The Tricentis Continuous Integration plugin integrates Jenkins with Tricentis Tosca CI. With this plugin, you can execute Tricentis Tosca tests via Jenkins.

To configure Jenkins for the execution of Tricentis Tosca tests, perform one of the following actions:

Once you have configured Jenkins for Tricentis Continuous Integration, execute your tests.

For more information on Tricentis Tosca and Tosca Continuous Integration, see the following links:

You can execute your tests via Tosca Remote Service or Tosca Distributed Execution.

Add a new Tricentis Continuous Integration build step

To execute tests in Tricentis Tosca CI, add a new Tricentis Continuous Integration build step:


Configure the Jenkins pipeline for Tricentis Continuous Integration

If you use Jenkins Pipelines, specify Tricentis Tosca build logic with pipeline script:

Pipeline configuration

pipeline {    
    agent any
    stages {
       stage('Build') {
          steps {
             tricentisCI tricentisClientPath: '$COMMANDER_HOME\\ToscaCI\\Client\\ToscaCIClient.exe', configurationFilePath: 'configuration.xml', endpoint: 'http://localhost:8732/TOSCARemoteExecutionService/'

Execute tests

After you configure the job, run it.

Jenkins job output example

Tricentis reports automatically published to Jenkins