Travis YML

ID: travis-yml

This plugin runs your jobs using .travis.yml file in your project.


Install by navigating and selecting Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Travis YML Plugin

Add to your workspace on the root folder a .travis.yml, this plugin accept the next phases of lifecycle:

  1. before_install
  2. install
  3. before_script
  4. script
  5. after_success
  6. after_failure
  7. before_deploy
  8. deploy
  9. after_deploy
  10. after_script

If you have any failure on your build and want to review the final generated, you should declare the environment variable DEBUG_TRAVIS_YML either on your build node or in jenkins.

ChangelogVersion 0.2.2 (13 Nov, 2016)

  • Added debug mode 

Version 0.2.1 (23 Oct, 2016)

  • fix echo not escaping first parameter.
  • export enviroment variables escape non alpha-numeric character identifiers 

Version 0.2.0 (19 Oct, 2016)

  • Escape complex bash commands echo problem.
  • Added expansion of enviroment variables
  • Support "before_deploy", "deploy" and "after_deploy"

Version 0.1.0 (30 Jul, 2014)

  • Initial release to
  • Support "env" in .travis.yml
  • Support "before_install", "install", "before_script", "script", and "after_script" in .travis.yml
  • Support "after_success" and "after_failure" in .travis.yml

Know Issues 

.travis.yml build not save

downgrade 'ruby-runtime' plugin back to v0.12