Simple Parameterized Builds Report

This Jenkins plugin makes it easy to visualize the various builds for a parameterized project that were run using the same set of parameters.

Allows one to visualize the parameterized builds as:


Once installed, a new link "Parameterized Builds Report" should show up in the sidebar for all parameterized jobs. Following that link will display a table where (at max, latest 10) builds for a given parameter set are displayed, grouped together based on the parameters used to invoke the builds.

Users can also configure the parameters displayed in the list. Passwords are never displayed in the report, but more passwords can be filtered by setting either the inclusions or exclusions list. Configure a job to enable "Customize Simple ParameterizedBuild Report" option and set a comma separated list of parameters for inclusion or exclusion.

Only the builds that match the parameter set used in the latest build are considered for inclusion in the table.

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Release Notes

1.5 (5/8/2016)

  • Fixed: JENKINS-34525 Work around Groovy bug in Jenkins 2 (jglick)
  • Added: Support for Matrix Jobs (JeremyMarshall)

1.4 (10/5/2014)

  • Fixed: JENKINS-24928 - Spelling mistake
  • Fixed: JENKINS-24927 - No table background colors

1.3 (7/20/2014)

  • Fixed: Fix possible NPE reported in JENKINS-23841

1.2 (6/28/2014)

  • Added: Configuration options for report
  • Fixed: JENKINS-23604 - NPE when all builds are not parameterized

1.1 (08/17/2013)

  • Fixed: JENKINS-19085 - Mask password properties
  • Fixed: JENKINS-18565 - Only show build parameters and not all the user defined build variables
  • Fixed: Only display completed builds in the table

1.0 (01/01/2013)

  • Initial release