This plugin adds support for SASUnit, the unit testing framework for SAS.

Once installed the execution of SASUnit test suites is available as a build step.


  • Execution of SASUnit test suites
  • Optional creation of Doxygen documentation
  • Manage multiple SASUnit installations per node

Configure the SASUnit Tool Installation

Before a build step can be run successfully, at least one SASUnit installation must be configured. You are free to configure as many installations as needed.

To add an installation go to Jenkins->Manage Jenkins->Configure System. There you will find the following form field.
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To add a SASUnit Version press "Add SASUnit".

Configure the installation by providing a

  1. Name for the installation. This name references the installation and will be available in the configuration of the build step.
  2. A path to the root directory of the installation. This path will be used as a default on all your nodes.

If you got SASUnit installations on different nodes using different paths e.g. in Linux and Windows environments you can supply node specific paths for every installation. Therefore go to Jenkins->Manage Jenkins->Manage Nodes and configure the node in question.
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Find the node properties and click "Add". Specify a path as needed for your node.
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Configure the SASUnit Plugin

Pick an installed SASUnit version from the drop down and specify a batch file to start SASUnit. If needed a Doxygen documentation will be created as well.
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