Report Portal

The Jenkins project announced unresolved security vulnerabilities affecting the current version of this plugin (why?):

ReportPortal Plugin is a plugin for representing a statistics and a test results visualization of already launched builds on the Jenkins job page. Plugin builds a trend chart that is based on finished launches that have been run from the moment of a plugin installation. It allows you to take a quick overlook of a builds results structure and make a firstly estimation of results. If you follow a link that is also provided by a plugin, you will be redirected to the launch on ReportPortal page where you can continue a deeper investigations. You can read more about a plugin on GitHub ReportPortal Jenkins Plugin.


Build instruction:

  1. Checkout source code
  2. Open console and move to root folder
  3. Perform command './gradlew clean jpi'
  4. Verify that rp4jenkins.hpi file appeared in build/libs/ directory
  5. Upload received file to Jenkins using following instruction



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Report Portal is a full featured report management tool for test automation.

Utilze Machine Learning to identify and categorize failed tests.

  • Manage all your automation results and reports in one place
  • Achieve full automation visibility in real-time by centralizing and aggregating all logs, reports and media data for indisputable evidence.
  • Make automation results analysis actionable & collaborative
  • Collaborate with your team members to associate each failed test with a known product bug, automation issue, system issue or other custom defect type.
  • Establish fast traceability with defect management
  • Submit and track defects with full evidence (logs, screenshots, comments, etc.) directly from a failed test case into a bug tracking system.
  • Accelerate routine results analysis
  • Use the collected history of executions and fail patterns to achieve hands-free analysis of your latest results.
  • Visualize metrics and analytics
  • Build custom dashboards and metrics to learn from the past and predict trends.
  • Make smarter decisions together
  • Use ReportPortal’s collaborative test automation environment with your team to improve your delivery quality.