Redeploy Rancher2.x Workload

A simple Jenkins plugin to redeploy Rancher2.x workload


  • Jenkins version >= 2.164.1
  • Rancher version >= 2.0
  • Jenkins Credentials Plugin >= 2.1.19


  • only support redeploy an exists workload in Rancher2.x


download hpi package from release page or search this plugin in jenkins


1. Get Rancher2 Bearer Token

  • login into Rancher2.x web UI, click top right corner avatar and select "API & Keys"
  • click "Add Key"
  • in popup window, type some words in description, and set scope to "no scope", then click "Create"
  • save the Endpoint and Bearer Token value in result dialog to another place. we will use these in Jenkins very soon.
  • official document:

2. Add Jenkins Credential

  • login Jenkins Dashboard
  • on left navigation menu, find and click "Credentials"
  • in store list, click "Jenkins" store
  • in domain list, click "Global credentials"
  • you will find a " Add Credentials" menu in left navigation menu. click it!
  • in Credentials page, change kind to "Rancher2.x API Keys"
  • paste Endpoint and Bearer Token you just saved in step 1
  • if you use self-signed SSL certification, please check "Trust certification"
  • click "Test Connection" button to test.
  • type a well named ID, eg: rancher, and click "OK" button to save

3. For Jenkins Free Style Job

  • create a freestyle job in Jenkins
  • at Build section, click "Add build step" drop-down menu
  • you should see a menu it named: "Redeploy Rancher2.x Workload", click it!
  • click each field help button to see document

4. For Jenkins Pipeline Job

  • create a pipeline job
  • at Pipeline section, click "Pipeline Syntax" link
  • in opened browser tab, select "rancherRedeploy" in "Sample Step"
  • fill that form and click "Generate Pipeline Script"
  • the output like:
rancherRedeploy alwaysPull: true, credential: 'rancher', images: 'busybox:lastest', workload: '/project/c-h4hxd:p-c9j8z/workloads/deployment:default:busybox'
  • back to pipeline job, and edit pipeline content like:

    node {
       rancherRedeploy alwaysPull: true, credential: 'rancher', images: 'busybox:lastest', workload: '/project/c-h4hxd:p-c9j8z/workloads/deployment:default:busybox'