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Purge Job History
1.2Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.176.1ID: purge-job-history

Installs: 3208
Last released: 3 hours ago
Stephen Connolly
Aytunc BEKEN

Purge Job History Plugin

This plugin provides the ability to purge all the build records of a job either via a CLI command or via the UI.When this plugin is installed it adds a new action to all Jobs with builds,

Purge Build History:

Selecting this action will display the following screen:

By default the build number will not be reset back to 1, but the checkbox can be selected if you want the next build number reset when purging the build history.

The functionality is also exposed as a CLI command:

In either case the user invoking the action needs to have the Run/Delete permission on all builds in the job in order for the operation to succeed.h


See release notes in plugin GitHub page.

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