Pipeline Aggregator View

This plugin is up for adoption! We are looking for new maintainers. Visit our Adopt a Plugin initiative for more information.

The Aggregated Pipeline View offers a simple functionality of showing the latest pipeline build together with its stages. It allows the users to view the history of their pipelines with stage information (failed/In Progress/Passed) and the changes monitored.

Aggregated Pipeline View



  • 1.15 adding all features back - it seems I used an old branch to fix JENKINS-67157

  • 1.14 fixed the jelly issue JENKINS-67157

  • 1.8 Added the option for showing only the last build of a pipeline matching the patterns

  • 1.7 bugfixes

  • 1.6 filter applied on full display name making it easy not to filter multibranch projects and branchest within its regex: multibranch-project-name.+(branch1|branch2|branch3) #[0-9]+

  • 1.5 fixed a bug that didn't allow multibranch projects to be filtered correctly

  • 1.4: fixed the auto-refresh

  • 1.3: Added option to remove the auto-scrolling of the commits

  • 1.2: fixed the href issue and added auto-scrolling to the list of commit

  • 1.1: fixed an issue that didn't allow the folder or renamed builds to be displayed

  • 1.0: initial release a dashboard like view that selects only pipelines and presents the stages and the commits on each build.