Paginated Builds

The paginated-builds plugin exposes a REST API endpoint that you can use to access paginated build data for a Jenkins job. Jenkins does not provide an out of the box method to access build data in pages — you can either get all the builds or the 100 most recent builds. This plugin fetches historical build data for jobs that have a large number of builds by enabling you to request specific pages of historical data.

Paginated builds endpoint

GET <jenkins_url>/job/<job_name>/builds?start=<build_id>&size=<page_size>&orderBy=<order_by>

  • start: The build ID to start from. (1 if not specified)
  • size: The number of builds to return. (100 if not specified)
  • job_name: The name of the Jenkins job to get builds for.
  • order_by: The order to return the builds in (asc or desc). (desc if not specified)
  • jenkins_url: The URL of the Jenkins instance.
// localhost:8080/jenkins/job/integration-tests/job/designer/job/freestyle-elephant/builds?start=1&size=2&orderBy=asc

  "count": 2,
  "builds": [
      "id": "1",
      "startTimeMillis": 1614174840363,
      "duration": 592,
      "fullName": "integration-tests » designer » freestyle-elephant #1",
      "url": "job/integration-tests/job/designer/job/freestyle-elephant/1/",
      "result": "FAILURE",
      "queueId": 8198,
      "queueTimeMillis": 1614174840346,
      "builtOn": "linux2"
      "id": "2",
      "startTimeMillis": 1614261240361,
      "duration": 168,
      "fullName": "integration-tests » designer » freestyle-elephant #2",
      "url": "job/integration-tests/job/designer/job/freestyle-elephant/2/",
      "result": "FAILURE",
      "queueId": 9486,
      "queueTimeMillis": 1614261240346,
      "builtOn": "__"